Welcome to the Young Voices Teacher Centre

A big YV WELCOME to our brand new teacher centre, here you can register your school, update your details, access all the songs, music and information, go straight through to the Teachers Community in Yammer, buy t-shirts, torches and much more, including buy your tickets for the concert (once we go on sale).

If you have any problems with our new technology (because we know everything has teething issues) then don’t hesitate to contact Kitanya, Helen , or Gail in the office and they will be happy to give you a helping hand.

Teacher Centre Updates

Join us for our 20th Anniversary

As you all know, we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year - and yes, we know a lot of you have been with us for most (if not all) of the concerts!

We are working on some very special guests for you to enjoy so be sure you register. If you have already registered – let all your parents know that this year is going to be a BIG MUSICAL PARTY!!

Join our teacher community

Our online teacher community is a network of YV Teachers and YV Staff where we can share resources, post news updates and you can ask questions or post information about your choir. Many of you are already a part of this large network and have reaped the benefits. To join simply click on the resources tab above and select the Teacher Community option. Fill in the form and we will welcome you into the community.

Going Global!

YV are please to announce that in our 20th year we have gone global with concerts in Trinidad, New York and Hamburg during June. We are excited to bring the YV experience to new territories and choirs across the globe…watch this space for news and media about our international concerts.

The YV Family is growing and growing, along with our message about the importance of music to young people.


Workshops 2016

If you’re registered for our concerts then you really should register for our workshops too. Last year, over 1,200 teachers (nearly half) attended a full day of workshops at venues local to the arena cities. Here they met with David our conductor, Andy our creative director, Craig our musical director and the YV team for a day of fun, music, teaching, tips, dance and feedback.

This is a valuable day, not only for those teachers who are new to Young Voices, but also to anyone who has done it before. We need you all there so that we can share best practise, ideas, and energy. A superb day for everyone that will energise you and in turn give you the confidence to go back to your classrooms and energise your children and choirs.

Book a workshop near you.